Thursday, October 13, 2022

This week on Good Story Live! Jesse and Ginger talk to author Elise Kova.

Do you want to be a bestselling author? Elise Kova, USA Today bestselling author, shares her best writing advice with you! From plotting to worldbuilding to character development, she's got the goods. So sit down, buckle in, and get ready to write the next great novel.

Elise enjoys telling stories of fantasy worlds filled with magic and deep emotions. She lives near Tampa Florida and, when not writing, can be found playing video games, drawing, chatting with readers on social media, or daydreaming about her next story.

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0:11 - Welcome to Good Story Live!
1:09 - Welcome Elise Kova
3:17 - Introducing Elise
5:03 - When did Elise develop a passion for writing?
7:25 - Did Elise experiment with other genres?
8:42 - Elise's world described to us
11:05 - How does she keep the sub-worlds coherent?
14:06 - The technique to keep everything straight
17:01 - Defining success as a writer
19:59 - When did Elisa decide to make it her full-time career?
23:57 - Criticism and writing
27:20 - Why Elise decided to coach other writers?
28:49 - Rookie mistakes that new authors make
31:02 - Elise Kove's street team
33:47 - Best platform for authors
38:01 - Elise's next projects
43:21 - The book that she tends to gravitate towards
45:55 - What advice would she give to an aspiring author?

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