Thursday, August 4, 2022

In today’s episode of Good Story Live! Jesse and Ginger talk to author and business owner Sheena Monnin about advice every writer needs. Sheena co-authored Leaving Safety and Seeking Safety with her father, Philip Monnin. We discuss the experience of co-writing a book and the research needed to write a science fiction novel.

This interview is jam-packed with tips every aspiring author should know, whether you’re publishing your first novel or your fifth. Sheena also talks about her business, Stellar Media Club, which focuses on helping new and aspiring writers on the journey to getting published. Sheena talks about writing schedules, getting feedback, discerning good feedback from bad feedback, and more. Join us to get writing tips from a published author so you can get one step closer to publishing your own novel.

1:49 - Welcome to Good Story Live!
3:50 - The Movie Quote Game
22:10 - Welcome Sheena Monnin
23:55 - Co-Authoring The Safety Trilogy with Your Father
25:52 - Balancing Perspectives When Collaborating
28:33 - Inspiration Behind Safety Trilogy
31:17 - The Research Involved in Writing A Book
33:00 - Discerning What Feedback is Good Feedback
36:37 - Sheena Share About The Third Book in Safety Trilogy
40:53 - What Is Stellar Media Club
43:53 - Common Struggles New Authors Face (Part 1)
50:10 - Common Struggles New Authors Face (Part 2)
51:41 - Writing For You or The Reader

Sheena Monnin is a writer and a business owner who is the co-author of the science fiction thriller series The Safety Trilogy, as well as the founder of Stellar Media Club, a book marketing company that specializes in helping authors in all stages of their writing process, including coaching, editing, and promotions.

Sheena is also an actress who has appeared in 3 movies to date and also volunteers with her local community theater group.

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